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What is the objective of Integra Wellness screening exams?

Preventive health screenings are an affordable and effective way to identify hidden disease risk. For many people, getting screened is the first step in early intervention to prevent potential health events later in their lives. It helps people understand their risks so that they can consult with their doctor and take the right steps towards a healthier future.  Many people are at risk for diseases such as stroke and heart disease yet experience no symptoms.  Early detection can prevent a poor outcome of those diseases in the future.

Are these tests offered as part of my routine physical with my doctor? 

Typically not.  A routine physical usually consists of the following: 

  • Your history is obtained
  • Vital signs are checked (blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate and temperature)
  • General appearance
  • Heart (listening to your heart beat via stethoscope)
  • Lungs (listening to your lungs via stethoscope)
  • Head and neck (by physical examination)
  • Abdominal (by physical examination)
  • Neurological (by physical examination)
  • Extremities (listening to your pulses via stethoscope)

Typically imaging exams are not offered during a routine physical.  For the asymptomatic patient that has risk factors such as age, family history of disease or certain health and lifestyle risks, our healthcare system is not well designed to take preventive steps towards your good health.  Due to the high costs of these tests, physicians typically only order health screening tests when a patient is showing apparent symptoms. Since many diseases are often symptomless, many times it’s too late.  During the screenings performed at Integra Wellness we are imaging the actual arteries, or organs, for abnormalities with ultrasound.  We help you get the information you and your physician need to work toward improving your health.  Therefore, you enjoy a higher quality of life in the future. 

Why should I have these screenings done if I have no symptoms? 

Half of all stroke victims have no prior symptoms. We routinely identify individuals with moderate to severe risk who are experiencing no outward symptoms. Early identification of underlying disease allows for numerous treatment options before it is too late.  At Integra Wellness we believe in a proactive approach to your healthcare. 

When should I be screened? 

Our doctors recommend starting preventive wellness testing at age 40; however that depends on your individual risk factors, such as diabetes, family history, high blood pressure or high cholesterol, smoking, inactive or highly stressful lifestyle.  If you have multiple risk factors you may decide to be tested at an earlier age. 

How often should I be tested?

That decision should be based on your individual risk factors and screening results.  If you have had abnormal results in the past our physicians recommend yearly testing.  Annual screening is a perfect compliment to your regular physical. 

Does Medicare or health insurance cover preventive wellness testing? 

Health insurance coverage varies from policy to policy.  Medicare does not cover the cost of our wellness tests.  Integra Wellness will provide you with a detailed, itemized receipt that can be submitted to your health insurance company to determine coverage and/or reimbursement. 

Where are Integra’s wellness screenings conducted?

Integra Wellness converts indoor locations—such as corporate offices, civic buildings, community centers, senior centers and places of worship—into temporary health screening centers complete with privacy screens that offer maximum comfort and a professional atmosphere for our participants.
 How can Integra Wellness offer such quality screenings at such an affordable price? 
Because we serve a high volume of patients in a mobile setting, with minimal overhead costs, therefore we don’t have to maintain a brick-and-mortar building in every city we serve. Our streamlined process eliminates many of the ancillary expenses that drive up the price of healthcare.  By increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs, Integra is able to offer top-quality health screenings that are affordable for nearly everyone. 

When will I receive my results?

You will receive your results in 2 weeks, if your results are critical they will be expedited.  Many times with other companies it takes up to 3 weeks to receive your results.  We feel it is necessary for you to receive and act on your results as soon as possible.

Why choose Integra Wellness?

Integra Wellness screening tests have been offered since 1999 with thousands tested and many lives saved.  We are the only continuously operating wellness company in Texas and are proud of the impact we’ve had on communities throughout Texas, Oklahoma and Missouri. 
We utilize the same cutting edge technology used in many hospitals and have stringent quality assurance practices in place regarding that equipment. 
We employ skilled, experienced sonographers and technicians who have completed accredited programs, clinical rotations and wellness testing training. 
We follow HIPAA laws, just as your physicians do in their offices or hospitals.  Your results are completely confidential and your data is never shared with anyone other than you. 
Integra Wellness is the only company offering you the images taken during your wellness testing at no extra charge!  You and your physician can then make important healthcare decisions based on your results that propel you to a healthier tomorrow! 


I was diagnosed to have serious carotids on both sides. Within 5 days I had surgery on my right side & was within weeks of possibly having a stroke. In other words it saved my life. I feel a wellness program such as yours as very worthwhile & would definitely recommend you.

Donna – Trophy Gardens


At Integra Wellness our goal is to make a significant impact in the lives of people in the community. To guarantee our continued success in these endeavors, we offer high quality wellness initiatives pertaining to health education and disease prevention. For us, wellness is not just a mission; it is a message.

We strive to make our wellness programs competitively priced, conveniently located, and engaging to the individual. When it comes to your health, too much is at stake to be reactive.

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