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Corporate Wellness

Integra Wellness, a leader in mobile preventive screening services, has been providing onsite corporate health screenings since 1999, with hundreds of thousands of lives impacted. With our many corporate references available, you can rest assured that your employees are getting the best preventive treatment offered in the marketplace.

Unlike other companies that only conduct basic blood work screenings, Integra Wellness offers advanced testing for individuals at high risk for cardiovascular disease. Your company will be able to identify the individuals most likely to drive up healthcare costs and provide them the tools to seek treatment before costs become prohibitive. Integra will provide you with a wellness coordinator, who will assist you with all of your marketing and communication needs. Together, we can create a plan tailored to your organizations needs, whether you employ hundreds of employees, or hundreds of thousands.

Integra’s health testing and corporate wellness programs are designed to complement existing corporate wellness programs. Studies have shown that employees are happier, more productive, and less likely to seek new employment when they feel their employers care about their health and wellness. Our affordable corporate pricing structure makes wellness testing cost-effective, and affords your employees the knowledge that their company cares about their health and wellbeing.  A high quality, high profile initiative within a broader wellness program can foster employee pride and involvement. 

Integra Wellness offers many payment options.  Many employer’s pay for health testing as an additional benefit to an already existing program, some employers provide an incentive to participate, while others allow their employees to pay directly or use their HSA or FSA to pay for the health screenings. Integra will customize a package to fit the needs of your employees and budget. Discounts are offered for large groups. 

Financial benefits:

  • Health screenings reveal unforeseen major health risks
  • Allows for early treatment and future prevention
  • Manage employee absenteeism and medical costs
  • Helps prevent potential high-cost claims
  • Health assessment provides data that allows you to target prevention and intervention programs more effectively.

Why choose screening, why choose Integra Wellness?

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I was diagnosed to have serious carotids on both sides. Within 5 days I had surgery on my right side & was within weeks of possibly having a stroke. In other words it saved my life. I feel a wellness program such as yours as very worthwhile & would definitely recommend you.

Donna – Trophy Gardens


At Integra Wellness our goal is to make a significant impact in the lives of people in the community. To guarantee our continued success in these endeavors, we offer high quality wellness initiatives pertaining to health education and disease prevention. For us, wellness is not just a mission; it is a message.

We strive to make our wellness programs competitively priced, conveniently located, and engaging to the individual. When it comes to your health, too much is at stake to be reactive.

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