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Corporate FAQ

How long will employees be away from work?

Basic tests take as little as 10 minutes. More advanced tests take 30-45 minutes. Appointments are booked in advance to minimize the amount of time away from work.

How is health screening sign-up handled?

Participants have several options for scheduling an appointment. The easiest ways are to visit Integra Wellness online or call our toll-free call center to schedule their health screening appointment. Organizations also have the option of an on-site coordinator, provided by your organization, to schedule the appointments and correspond with Integra Wellness. An email confirmation will be sent to them with health testing instructions.

What are the health benefits that can be gained by testing employees?

Peace of mind! And comprehensive results lead to early diagnosis of risk factors, which help employees address necessary lifestyle changes and seek timely and informed healthcare services for cardiac disease, stroke and other diseases. Aside from the obvious gain in productivity from a healthy employee, healthy employees cost you less. When you care, they care!

What type of testing results does the employer receive?

All participant results are completely confidential; employers do not see the individual employee result. However, employers receive a comprehensive aggregate report summing up the findings of the health screenings performed so that you may gain a broader look at the wellness of your employees, and gauge the value of your wellness dollars invested.

How much space do you need to perform testing?

Approximately 500 square feet. That is the size of a large conference room.


I was diagnosed to have serious carotids on both sides. Within 5 days I had surgery on my right side & was within weeks of possibly having a stroke. In other words it saved my life. I feel a wellness program such as yours as very worthwhile & would definitely recommend you.

Donna – Trophy Gardens


At Integra Wellness our goal is to make a significant impact in the lives of people in the community. To guarantee our continued success in these endeavors, we offer high quality wellness initiatives pertaining to health education and disease prevention. For us, wellness is not just a mission; it is a message.

We strive to make our wellness programs competitively priced, conveniently located, and engaging to the individual. When it comes to your health, too much is at stake to be reactive.

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